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Sensitive skin

External influences like dry air from heating, smog, medications, food intolerance and hay fever can disturb the skin’s balance. The skin barrier is often severely attacked. As its natural protective shield is no longer intact, the skins own moisture escapes and harmful substances can enter into the sensitive skin more easily.

External influences like dry air from heating; smog, medications, food intolerance and hay fever can disturb the skin’s balance.

People with sensitive or hypersensitive skin not only have to fight with irritated and over-reactive skin. Their skin is also prone to dryness and redness and is often rough and flaky. That is why ingredients like perfumes or alcohol in skin care products should be avoided, as they might lead to unnecessary irritations.


Derma Balance – Sensitive Care

DALTON Derma Balance is a cosmeceutical skin care line that was specially developed for hyper sensitive and irritated skin. The unique combination of minerals, pure gel from the Aloe Vera plant, Panthenol (also called provitamin B5), as well as high-quality Jojoba Oil provides for an immediate, long-lasting effect. The skin’s natural protective barrier can be strengthened and sensitivity and redness reduced. This moisturizing skin care line is also extremely rich in vitamins, enzymes, mineral salts, proteins and amino acids that support cell renewal and offer protection against free radicals.

Fragrance-free skincare for hypersensitive and allergic skin.

The DALTON Derma Balance line does not contain parabens, mineral oils, paraffin, PEGs, perfume oils or artificial fragrances. It can be used for skin care and skin protection, allowing for the transition from dermatological treatment to cosmetic prevention. Also suitable for children from the age of 4 and adolescents.


Derma Balance – Products

For a detailed description of all Derma Balance products click >> HERE

  •  Cream Mask: soothing and calming
  • 24h Care Cream: rich and calming
  • Eye Care Gel: cooling and decongestant
  • Moisturizing Gel: soothing and cooling