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Herbalcolor® Hair Color Test

Before applying herbalcolor, the natural hair color, you should preform a hair color test to check the tone or shade you’ve chosen and make a note of the development time that works best.

Simply carry out the following test:

1.Take a lock of hair (about one inch or 3 cm of hair) and secure the ends with tape. Or tie your hair back and separate a lock of hair; choose either a discreet spot (back of the head) or an area that you think might be difficult to color (high percentage of gray).

2.Apply the mixture remaining from the sensitivity test, or mix two droplets of the colorant with two drops of the developer in a separate glass or plastic bowl and add the lock of hair. If you are testing on a lock of hair that has been separated, hold the lock away from the rest of your hair and carefully work the mixture into the lock, using your fingertips or a comb.

3.In most cases, rinse hair being tested after 20-30 minutes. In the case of strong resistant gray hair, leave for 10 minutes more.

4.When the lock of hair reaches the desired shade, make note of the total color development time.


HERBALCOLOR HAIR DYE  is natural  formulated a range of Hair Dye free of the followings harms ingredients:

  • Ammonia
  • Resorcinol
  • Paraben
  • Silicon
  • NO PPD ! it is the safest hair color