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nee MAKE UP MILANO is a professional make-up brand with a selected product range according to the highest European standards. A team of international make-up artists and trend-setters supply the headquarters in Milan daily with brand new trends of the fashion and cosmetics industry. The noticeable silky texture of the products, advanced technology and modern research as well as the use of high quality raw materials are not only standard but also their obligation.

Professional make-up in combination with appealing design – nee MAKE UP MILANO

nee MAKE UP MILANO carries the Italian “Dolce Vita” in its name because the Milanese people use the term “nee” to put in a classy accent between two sentences – emphasizing the gesture. Not only the name reminds of Italy’s grandeur, the trendy product design portrays the classy and elegant graces strolling through the traditional Italian alleys… nee is hip, nee is trendy, nee is uncomplicated and cool. Everyone will find one’s happiness – professional make-up artists, mature and young women as well as total “color freaks”.


nee MAKE UP MILANO – complete your look!

The basis of “Sea more beauty”

The co-operation between DALTON and the brand nee MAKE UP Milano is the result of an extensive search for a long-term, fair and professional partnership. The basic idea of DALTON appealed to nee MAKE UP MILANO, thus forming the basis of “Sea more beauty”:

We give a 100% for you!

Compatible with the DALTON care products 0
High skin compatibility 0
Fair price-performance ratio 0
Innovation and modernity 0
High quality standards 0

nee MAKE UP MILANO History

nee MAKE UP MILANO is a brand with long tradition. The company was established in a little town near Milan in the early 90s. The basic idea was a make-up brand created by professionals for professionals, supporting the best make-up artists of the city in their daily work. The attention to detail, accuracy in product development, high quality formulations and compatibility tests are important principles of the company till this day which ensures national and international prominence.


Thousands of ideas and trends meet at the headquarters permanently. They are filtered so that only the noblest of their kind transform into concepts, consequently creating new collections and products. The team consisting of national and international make-up artists and end consumers are working all day to follow new trends and to set new accents. Their tasks include visiting big fashion events, where new color trends are set. nee MAKE UP MILANO brings the newest trends of the fashion capital directly to you!