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Olive Oil

Olive trees can become hundreds of years old. They are considered masters at the art of survival. Up until now it has remained a mystery, what gives the Olive tree its “eternal youth”.

Since ancient times, Olive Oil has been known as an excellent beauty elixir. As a luxury good, it was reserved for the rich and beautiful and was mostly used as an ointment for the body. In the Middle Ages, the famous German nun and healer Hildegard of Bingen added Olive Oil to her natural treatments for pain and various illnesses. The evergreen Olive tree is considered a medicinal plant with beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and lipid metabolism. Oleocanthal, an Olive Oil component, also displays anti-inflammatory properties. That is why Olive Oil in its natural form is often used to treat irritated and sun damaged skin.

Since ancient times, olive oil has been known as an excellent beauty elixir and was mentioned in the same breath as donkey milk – a luxury good that was reserved for the rich and beautiful.

Olive Oil is won from cold-pressed Olives and, by virtue of its antioxidative properties it protects the cells against free radicals that lead to premature skin aging. Olive Oil contains a high amount of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. The Oil’s composition of Vitamin E and fatty acids is very close to that of human subcutaneous fatty tissue. It is quickly absorbed and very well tolerated by the skin. Linoleic Acid is another compound that is cosmetically relevant. It is a component of the epidermis and helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Thanks to its protective, vitalizing and moisturizing properties, Olive Oil can be used for age prevention in younger years, but also for the skin’s revitalization and regeneration as part of an anti-aging regimen for mature skin.

Vegetarian skin care for every skin type

DALTON Phyto Olio di Oliva is a vegetarian skin care concept that is born from our love for nature and trust in its natural healing powers. This skin care line is based on traditional Mediterranean Olive Oil in combination with minerals and specific active ingredients and is suitable for both young and mature skin.