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Young people without any skin problems often ask themselves why skin care is important at their age. The sebaceous and perspiratory glands work normally; the skin’s appearance is firm and fresh. So, why use skin care at all? The answer is simple: Youth is the motor of age. Everything that is not achieved in prevention at a young age, we can hardly make up for later. The daily care supports the healthy processes of the skin to regenerate and regulate it.  It is not about enhancing the appearance of the skin, but about maintaining a youthful freshness right up to old age.  Age prevention is key.

Why does healthy skin need care and what does age prevention actually mean?

After we’ve overcome skin problems like acne or teenage impurities, hormonal balance and the complexion are gradually restored. During that process, it is important to support the skin’s functions in its work, as stress, lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet and air pollution can impair even young skin. In order to maintain a healthy skin for as long as possible and to restrict the external (e.g. UV radiation) and internal (e.g. hormones and stress) factors that contribute to skin aging, the skin needs to be protected and supported in its work – for a wrinkle-free future!


The DALTON Hydratant line for young skin contains important active ingredients to support and maintain a youthful skin dynamic and freshness. The combination of active ingredients with moisturizing vital substances, high-quality oils and marine minerals makes the skin radiant and vitalizes the complexion. All products from this line are also suitable for sensitive, dry skin and can be used as aftercare for acne and impure, damaged skin.