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How to buy

Where to buy DALTON products?


You can find our products exclusively in specially authorized institutes, SPAs and hotels.



In order to find the right care program for your individual needs from our extensive product range (approx. 150 products), we recommend a skin consultation with a professional (beauticians, dermatologists, doctors).

For optimal application results please search under >> INSTITUTE FINDER for institutes near you!

Does “The One” care product exist for my skin?


There are various skin types and problems. What might be the right care for one may be too rich for others. Furthermore, our skin is an organ that is able to adjust to conditions depending on the season or situation. If we finally find a care product that works, it probably won’t remain this way forever. In order to protect the skin properly and to prevent skin aging, one must understand the skin and respond to its changing needs. That means taking a lot of time – indeed we should, because the skin is the mirror of our soul.


We know that not everybody has got the time to become a skin expert. That’s why we assign you to our trusted, experienced professionals who are able to understand and analyze your skin appropriately in order to respond to its constantly changing needs accordingly.

How does a visit at an institute work? Time to debunk some prejudices.


Entering a beauty institute – Can I just walk in?

Of course! Come in and look around. Many beauticians display the products for sale in their shop. You have the chance to get familiar with the products and the surroundings of the institute. Take some brochures and price lists with you and browse through them at home. Our experts are looking forward to your visit without any obligation.


Visiting a beauty institute – How does it work?

Visiting an institute primarily means that someone is taking time for you and your cosmetic needs. You are the focus from the very beginning. Depending on the chosen treatment, the selected products, the use of special instruments like ultrasound or microdermabrader and the consultation with the beauty expert, the treatment takes around 60-120 minutes. Before a treatment starts, a cosmetic consultation takes place. At any time you have the possibility to choose a different care program or decide to have it at a later time. Every institute has a price list for the offered treatments which you can usually often find on the internet or in the shop window before visiting.


Care products from the beauty institute – Am I obliged to  buy?

When you have decided on a treatment, it is the responsibility of the beautician to show you an optimal care plan after the treatment. It doesn’t matter how professional the work of our beauticians may be, permanent goals can only be reached if the care products are used regularly. Therefore the optimal products for you will mostly be presented to you after the treatment. Of course you decide whether you want to buy a product or not; you are not obliged to buy anything.

What are the advantages of visiting an institute?


Regular care at home is very important in order to get the desired skin. However, the trained beautician can support you on your way with professional cabin treatments or highly concentrated cabin products.

Are you curious now? We hope to see you at one of our partners’ institutes soon. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate contacting us via phone at +49 99 04 / 83 10 10 or our >> CONTACT FORM.