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Cornification disorder

Human skin can be compared with the walls of a house, as it protects the subjacent skin layers and organs like the walls of a house protect its residents. If there are cracks in the wall or if the mortar between the bricks is leaking, harmful substances can make their way inside and cause serious damage. In cosmetics this is called a defective skin barrier due to a cornification disorder. In that case the upper layer of the skin or the stratum corneum (0.1 to 1mm thick) cannot perform its protective function properly, which increases the risk of irritations and inflammations.

Due to cornification disorders and the lack of protection on the surface of the skin, evaporation and thus the loss of water increases. As a result, the skin has to fight excessive moisture loss.

There are various reasons for cornification disorders. Generally we distinguish between hyperkeratosis (thickening of the outer layer of the skin due to the accumulation of dead skin cells), parakeratosis (abnormality of the horny layer of the skin) and inherited hyperkeratosis. Scars are also a kind of cornification disorder due to the fact that hair-growth as well as perspiratory- and sebaceous glands are missing in the subjacent, mostly extremely hardened tissue. Therefore the natural desquamation of the skin is impaired. A long-term care plan that influences the moisture- and lipid balance of the skin, with additional components for the protection against free radicals and the support of the skin’s protective barrier can help to ensure a permanent improvement of this skin disorder.


Natural Correcteur – Vitamin Regeneration

The DALTON Natural Correcteur line is a cosmeceutical concept for damaged skin and the aftercare of scars, which relies on the established effectiveness of the Vitamin ACE complex in combination with calming ingredients and valuable lipids. Vitamin A (retinol) assists the skin’s natural process of regeneration and makes scars soft and supple. Highly concentrated Vitamin A is associated with a keratolytic affect and strengthens the connective tissue, which allows it to flatten raised scars. Furthermore it can be used as a preventive measure against stretch marks. As Vitamin A also regulates germ cell production, it prevents excessive cornification of the skin.

Vitamin care for damaged, chapped skin and scars.

Vitamin C protects the cells and especially the collagen fibers, whose production is extremely reduced post formation of a scar. Vitamin E, a powerful free radical catcher, supports the weakened protective barrier of the skin in the defense against negative environmental influences and oxidative stress. Avocado Oil (rich in phytosterols), Musk Rose Oil

Dalton-Natural-Correcteur-Vitamineand Castor Oil penetrate deep into the horny layer, make scars elastic and the skin supple and smooth. With the help of valuable lipids, evaporation and water loss can be reduced. The active ingredient Urea stores the water in the skin. DALTON’s characteristic minerals complete the concept and supply the skin with basic electrolytes an

d trace elements. For the lasting improvement of a defective skin barrier and for the regeneration of cornification, a regular and consistent skin care regimen must be followed, with the appropriate home care products.