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NEW! Foot Cream NUTRI REPAIR Product: Nourishing, fast-absorbing foot cream for every day   Application: Apply to the feet and massage into the skin.   Ref.-no.: 81 510 50 NEW! Oily Essence REPAIR AND PROTECT Product: Supportive and regenerative care for fingernails and toenails with an antimicrobial and antibacterial effect.   Application: Regularly apply a small amount to the affected area (hand and feet) and gently massage it into the skin.   Ref.-no.: 81 515 50 Hand Cream SOFT TOUCH Product: Fast absorbing, nourishing hand cream for every day.   Application: As required, apply a small amount to the back of your hand and massage in gently.   Ref.-no.: 8154051 ...


NEW! Anti-Cellulite Concentrate PERFECT SILHOUETTE PRODUCT: Intensively firming and tightening concentrate to reduce the appearance of orange peel skin.   SKIN CONDITION: Mature skin, lifting, stressed skin.   APPLICATION: Apply to the affected body parts in the morning and evening and massage into the skin. Follow with your usual body care routine.   REF.-NO.: 80 539 50 NEW! Moisturizing Emulsion HYDRO BOOST PRODUCT: Soft body lotion with refreshing fragrance for dehydrated skin. Its texture is quickly absorbed.   SKIN CONDITION: Mature skin, normal skin, dry skin, stressed skin   APPLICATION: Apply daily to the whole body and massage gently into the skin.   REF.-NO.: 80 530 51 Glitter Body Lotion OCEAN DIAMONDS Product: Fast absorbing body lotion with diamond and gold shimmer, suitable for every skin type.   Application: As required,...


Modern care concept that elegantly combines innovative sun protection and optimal skin care. Beyond that, the regenerative and antioxidant properties of the spirulina alga extract provide the skin with additional moisture and protect against light-induced premature skin aging. Innovative sun protection Sunbathing without a worry and beautiful, healthy skin With an intelligent UV filter system With an extra dose of spirulina alga SUN CARE INNOVATIVE SUN PROTECTION & OPTIMAL SKIN CARE INTELLIGENT UV FILTER SYSTEM The fine-tuned composition of our filter system (UVA/UVB) meets the latest standards and provides for highly effective and skin-friendly sun protection. SPIRULINA ALGA The regenerative properties of the spirulina alga extract provide for an extra dose of moisture and protect against free...